“Sleepy Hollow”: Ready for Abbie and Ichabod to Live Together?


Sleepy Hollow’s Season 3 premiere is just over 48 hours away, and I know one thing some of the fans had been worried about is if the introduction of Betsy would take away from Abbie and Ichabod’s nebulous partnership/romantic-ish thing. Good news: It seems like Betsy’s not going to be that big of an obstacle for any potential relationship stuff going on this season. Why? Because Ichabod and Abbie are living together.¬†This is one thing I know fans have wanted since the first season, and frankly, I’ve wanted it to happen because it’s started getting implausible to imagine Ichabod just living it up in the archives, and then going back to live in the cabin (the place he used to share with the wife…and we know how that relationship ended). Also, he’s been away for a year; he probably let the cabin go by the wayside. It’s probably full of black mold by now.

In any event, our team is now roommates. To me, it sounds like things could turn into¬†Three’s Company pretty fast. We’ve already got situational comedy happening with Ichabod going through Abbie’s finer linens and all. This also begs the question: Is Ichabod going to see Abbie in lingerie? Will Ichabod ever get too comfortable and forgo wearing a shirt sometimes? Just asking.

In anyways, here’s the promo that prompts all of these questions, as well as give a glimpse as to just how powerful Pandora might be.

I think we’re in for a great season. Things really do seem tighter, Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie seem happier, and I believe the show is in a firm direction. What say you? Discuss below!

  • So happy about this news; I think it’ll be great! One thing to remember, though, Joe Corbin is back, so he’ll likely take up residence in the cabin or at least take possession of it to sell/rent. Unless he and Ichabod decided to roomie it up, Ichabod would have to find somewhere else to live. I heard he has a job now or some system of support that isn’t Abbie, but I doubt it is enough for him to get his own place already, so living w/Abbie seems like the next logical step…plus I’m sure he wanted any excuse to live with her! Speaking of Ichabod and money, how exactly did he get to England? However they spin it, I’m so anxious for the new season.

  • lkeke35

    I’m very anxious for this to get whole thing to get started! I like the new look and direction the show is taking. I like Abbie’s new job and new challenges. I just love seeing these characters again. I am definitely on it!

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  • CB

    I love the idea of having Abbie and Crane live under one roof. It is unique opportunity for them to explore each other as people in the off hours when there is not an immediate threat distracting them from being who they are. There are endless situations they could find themselves in, both comical and emotional, without ever leaving the house. I would love an entire scene of them decorating a Christmas tree in which not a word is spoken; all communication could be completed through their stares, glances, actions, and gestures. With the skills of Nicole Beharie and Tom Mison, this could work perfectly and be one of the more memorable scenes of the season!