Hollywood Reflecting a Trump World


Edward Hong

Originally posted on Nerds of Color

Like many others in this nation, I am still processing the results of election night and coming to acceptance [denial] that we will have Donald Trump as our Commander in Chief starting January 2017.

But what does this mean for the Hollywood entertainment industry, which is known to be overwhelmingly liberal? It is too early to exactly tell what the ramifications are but according to this Hollywood Reporter article, we may have rather troubling times ahead.



“Now, Clinton’s stunning defeat has left Hollywood in shock — and questioning whether it is out of touch with a wide swath of the country by assuming she would win.”

Questioning whether it is out of touch? Oof.

“The major film and television studios were similarly taking stock, but top executives were loath to speak out publicly, since their companies will now have to work with a Trump administration after Democratic President Barack Obama’s eight-year administration comes to an end in January.”

These statements worry me. Not that Hollywood was SUPER progressive anyways as it was more politically correct than anything but by saying this, there is a possibility that there will be essentially more white leads in traditional safe American family value story lines. Because after all, that reflects the majority of Trump supporters.

Does this mean studios will no longer take chances with films like Moonlight, Loving, or any recent surge in minority led films & storylines? Does this mean the incredible diverse push in the TV world will be halted to make room for television that will be Trump friendly?

Seriously, go watch this movie.

I am very well aware that the President cannot have the final say in what kind of television shows and movies are to be produced, but if Hollywood is worried that they are out of touch in reflecting the voters who voted for Trump, then the possibility of even MORE white heterosexual traditional American stories to be the top focus is real.

Will this affect companies like Shondaland where they push forward with diverse main leads or will this dry them up? Even if they are making profit (which we have seen that diversity truly does sell), will media companies push that aside in order to not upset the upcoming Trump presidency? These are questions worth having as we now have a President who gets upset when Saturday Night Live parodies him and calls out for the show to be cancelled.

May this brilliant satirical portrayal never, ever stop

I worry for the future but at the same time, know that even if the top level Hollywood executives put a halt on diverse storytelling, that diverse storytelling itself will never stop. In fact, it may inspire those of us who have never done it to go forth and have their voices be expressed, with or without big studio money.