Tessa Thompson just cosigned this AM/BW short film!

There’s a new short film on the horizon, and it’s got the Tessa Thompson seal of approval.

There aren’t many details on this film, except that it’s spearheaded by Rebecca Theodore, national media critic and co-host of film podcast Cinema In Noir, fellow filmmaker Cynthia (@cynfinite) and is starring actor Jake Choi (Front CoverHawaii 5-0, Younger) and actor/model Melanie Ennis.

Clearly, there’s tons of chemistry from these pictures, but there are some other reasons to look forward to this film as well, starting with the big news of the day:


• The Tessa Thompson bump. This short film is already gathering its cult following, but now the film’s fanbase will get even bigger now that Thompson has cosigned it and wants the first available seat at the screening.

The entire exchange started when, in response to a conversation about the new season of The Bachelorette in which Blake, an Asian American contestant, gets shafted by Rachel, the series’ first black Bachelorette.

When she found out about Theodore’s film, she was all over it.

• It’s one of the few pieces of media about Asian men and black women in relationships. Rarely are these relationships showcased in the media (as well as other POC interracial relationships) in favor of the heavily prevalent black/white interracial relationship dynamic. However, these couples are out there and they deserve to be represented.

On a related note, this is one of the many reasons folks were excited about Into the Badlands (including me, as you can read here). This is also why so many people were upset about the Season 2 finale (you can read my thoughts at Black Girl Nerds).

• The leading lady is the size of the average woman. You’d think the “average woman” would be represented in the media more, seeing how most women nowadays are between sizes 14 to 16. But instead, actresses that are in these size ranges and upwards are usually billed as comic relief (case in point: the trailer for Girls Night). However, that’s not the case in this short film; Ennis, who is a size 14, is clearly the leading lady in control of her relationship destiny. I mean, Choi practically wants to eat her face off. It doesn’t get much more primal than that (and keep these pictures barely safe for work).

In short, I, like Thompson, will be on the lookout for this film. What do you think? Give your opinions in the comments section below!

  • Ray

    This make me love Tessa Thompson even more. I love the fact she supports AMBW couple in movies and shows. It’s been three months and I’m still pissed about Veil’s death. I don’t know if, I will be back for season 3.
    Season 1
    Ryder- hung lived,
    Jade- posion lived
    The Widow- sliced lived
    Lydia-exiled lived
    Quinn-stabbed lived
    Sunny- beat up lived
    Season 2
    Tilda- beat up lives
    Bajie- stabbed lives
    Quinn-stabbed twice lives
    Lydia- got blown up lives
    Jade- exiled lives
    Sunny- stabbed lives
    Veil- stabbed once dies
    I’m talking about the main cast not the guess stars. They used that theirs no happiness excuse to kill her off. When did they become The Walking Dead? Into The Badlands could have done something that The Walking Dead couldn’t do and that’s actually have a complete family. I hate the fact they went the whole man pain and lone wolf and cub routine. I get enough of that with The Walking Dead. It’s truly sad they went all Disney and Walking Dead on us. Great Job!