Month: April 2015

"Fresh Off the Boat" recap: "So Chineez"

The season finale of Fresh Off the Boat has come and gone, and I’m already feeling the void! ABC, you’d better renew Fresh Off the Boat! According to this Vulture interview with Nahnatchka Khan, ABC won’t reveal what’s coming back until next month, so we have a few more days to wait, but I have to agree with Khan that I’m “cautiously optimistic” that Fresh Off the Boat will return. I don’t see why it wouldn’t; it outran the Cancellation Bear throughout its 13-episode season. 

Okay, enough numbers talk; let’s get to the recap, which involves the Huangs coming to terms with being “clear.”

Battle of Diverse Pilots: How Diverse Are ABC's 2015 Pilots?

Here at COLOR, we are all about TV and movies, but as you have probably seen, there’s a special focus on what television has been putting out. TV is beginning to outpace film in when it comes to diversity and representation. Or is it???

This season, each of the major networks are putting out a slate of shows promising fans lots of new, diverse (or, as Deadline stated, “ethnic”) faces. But how do the networks stack up against each other in the Diversity Wars? I plan to find out by analyzing each of the networks’ pilots (thankfully compiled by The Hollywood Reporter) and seeing how well the demographics are represented. Each network will get a letter grade from me, and after the full process is complete, I’ll take a look at diversity on TV as a whole. Let’s get started with ABC.