"Sleepy Hollow": New Photos for "I, Witness" Arrive

We’re finally getting some images from the new season of Sleepy Hollow! WHOO!I had been expecting some photos for a while now; I use the FOX press site on a semi-regular basis for Sleepy Hollow, Empire, and Tyrant (and soon Minority Report and Rosewood), so as I was looking for any other Sleepy Hollow logos I could use for my media kit, I saw that they basically had what equaled a “watch this space” notice due to the creation of their Season Three images page. Nothing was there at the time, so I (im)patiently waited for some images to arrive. They’re now here!

Some outlets have labeled these as being spoiler-riffic. I don’t see where there are any spoilers, unless you count knowing Team Witness got haircuts and a slightly different costumes as spoilers. I don’t, so there’s nothing revealed here for me. But we do know some tidbits from various interviews, such as Ichabod having spent an inordinate amount of time in England in search of his roots and meaning to his life and Abbie finishing her Quantico training.

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When we meet Team Witness again, according to what Clifton Campbell told TV Line, it’s been a long while and they have to figure out who they are individually as well as who they are as a team. Basically, it’s like we’re starting fresh (a little) with the characters. A revamp or a reboot, if you will. I’d say we  need it seeing how messed up the last season ended. If you have to kill a character to get out of a writing and characterization quagmire, that’s not such a great place to be, writing-wise.

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Enough of my rambling; let’s take a look at the photos! Write what you think in the comments section below!

Photo credit: Tina Rowden/FOX

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