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Fall TV: Returns, Moves and Other News

Tons of TV news to discuss! There’s so much of it that it’s overwhelming, so I’m just going to limit it to the shows that I recap heavily on this site, EmpireSleepy Hollow and Fresh Off the Boat. I do recap black-ish for Entertainment Weekly; since I do recap it, let me just state upfront that black-ish has been renewed for a second season. Okay, onto the stuff that COLOR recaps. 

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"HTGAWM" recap: "Mama's Here Now"

I think we can safely say that even though there was some kind of drama about Rebecca possibly being Lila’s real killer (which most of the fans had already figured out the moment they laid eyes on her), the best part of How to Get Away with Murder episode “Mama’s Here Now” was Cicely Tyson going Old-School Black Mother as Ophelia Hartness. What a tour-de-force between her and Viola Davis.

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