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Twitter Goes In on George Zimmerman Getting Shot At

A man named Matthew Apperson shot at George Zimmerman, the killer of unarmed teen Trayvon Martin, during a road rage incident in Lake Mary, FL (outside of Orlando). During the police press conference, it was revealed that Zimmerman had antagonized Apperson long before, starting with an initial road rage incident that led up to Zimmerman tracking Apperson down at his job. 

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"Fresh Off the Boat" S1 Post-Mortem Pt. 2: Will Eddie Huang's Voiceovers Stick Around?

I’ve thought long and hard over the past few weeks (which were spent not rewatching the series, since I forgot I had to pack for my big move), and I’ve thought about all of my positives and critiques of this season of Fresh Off the Boat. I think most of my criticisms were said in the first part of this post, but at the time, Eddie Huang hadn’t used Twitter to dig an even deeper hole for himself.

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